Top 10 Platforms For Cheap Domain Registration

Thinking about creating your own website? Do you know what is the first task you need to complete when launching your own website? You need to register your domain name, the website title you will be carrying for a very long time. Here is a list of top 10 cheap domain registration.

Some people prefer doing it after choosing their hosting plan because some hosting providers offer free domain registration. It doesn’t really matter if you buy the domain first or hosting, none can be done without the other.

We all know that people and website owners are always looking for cheap domain registrars. They are not impossible to find because many hosting providers offer you with free domain registration. All you need to do is conduct a thorough research before you choose any domain registrar.

We understand how throttling the entire Google can be a pain. So, to provide you with ease in order to register your domain, we took it upon ourselves and made a list of the best and cheap domain registrars on the internet.

These platforms not only allow you to register for free but they also provide you with some amazing features and services. Read further and take a look at all the recommendations for cheap domain registration

1. NameCheap

As the name suggest, NameCheap is the best platform for cheap domain registration. The cost that they ask from you for registering your website is highly economical and they charge on yearly basis.

The website was launched in 200 and it has become the leader for domain registrations. This brand is also providing popular TLDs at cost-effective pricing and they are known for providing unparalleled services that every website owner needs alongside domain registrations.

Visit NameCheap –

2. Bluehost

If you want to opt for WordPress as your website platform, then you need to go for Bluehost. It is perfect for you if you have chosen WordPress as your platform because it not only offers free domain registration but the cost of hosting is also extremely minimal.

Bluehost also lets you purchase popular top-level domains independent of hosting and host the domain in any other hosting server. However, the domain extension of this company are a bit limited so that might be a problem for some website owners.

Visit Bluehost –

3. GoDaddy

When it comes to world’s largest domain registrar, the only name that resonates with us is GoDaddy.

The brand is known as the leader in the domain industry and it offers you with some of the cheapest rates if you want to register your domain name. The company is recognized for providing some of the best domain names nationally and on international levels as well.

Visit GoDaddy –

4. Enom

Enom is one of the leading domain name registrars providing both classing top-level domains (TLDs) and new domain extensions.

The company is recognized as the second top domain registrar after GoDaddy. Enom has over 20 million domains under management worldwide. The best part about this platform is that it offers integration with a number of other website and internet services that includes Website Builder, SSL certificates and G Suite etc.

If you have a small business or you want to launch a website for personal use, Enom is your winner.

Visit Enom –

5. was established back in 2000 and since then, it has been one of the most commonly used domain registration platforms.

The company had the name of bringing quality products and services at the most affordable prices. provides their user with hosting services, SSL certificates, professional email services, web design services along with cheap domain registration.

Above all, they are boastful about the user-friendly DNS management system they offer.

Visit –


Another reliable and cheap domain registrar is

The best part about this company is that they not only offer you with cheap domain registrations but they are also providing you with different hosting plans for cheap hosting services. They have different kind of packages for different kind of businesses working at different levels.

The company has the cheapest service plans for those people who are registering their domain name for the very first time.

Visit –

7. is a dependable domain name registrar committed to providing top-level domain names (TLDs) at the most cost-effective price.

The company is also focused on providing amazing customer service to all their customers around the globe. The company is also enlisted on ICANN accredited domain registrars and it is one of the best domain providers on the internet.

The company also provides you with hosting services along with SSL certificates.

Visit –

8. iPage

This is basically a web hosting service provider that has been powering up websites since 2 decades.

iPage has been providing some really popular domains (TLDs) at very reasonable prices. iPage features all the general TLDs along with 326 new domain extensions like .academy, .agency, .buzz, .blog, .club, .design etc.

This platform is absolutely a good alternative for purchasing your domain name at a reasonable cost.

Visit iPage –

9. DreamHost

Another ICANN accredited platform that has been offering some of the most popular domain names at cheapest of rates.

DreamHost is a trusted domain provider that has always been proud of it 1.5 million sites that DreamHost has launched over the years. As a true and dedicated domain provider, they offer 400+ domain extensions including general TLDs, new extensions and well as country-specific extensions.

The best thing about DomainHost is that they offer attractive and brandable domain names at very reasonable prices. If you are a small startup owner, this platform is your winner.

Visit DreamHost –

10. A2 Hosting

The last recommendation on our list is another domain provider that will work best for you if you have chosen WordPress as your website platform.

This company is basically hosting provider that also offers you a wide range of domain names to choose from. The platform is highly affordable and it will work great for regarding all internet aspects.

Visit A2 Hosting –

So, these were the top 10 cheapest domain registrars that you can find on the internet. We hope this list helps you in choosing the right domain registrar. Do let us know about your feedback in the comments below. We highly appreciate it.

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