Massage Schools in Dallas

Top 10 Massage Schools in Dallas, Texas

Looking for a massage therapy school in the Lone Star State? If so, then we would like to tell you that you have got a lot of options in that domain, only if you look at the right space. We have something to offer you in that regard that is really going to help you out.

Dallas, Texas is simply known for being big. Its pleasant, artistic and offers you a lot of educational opportunities that you just cannot let go of.

Same way, there are many massage therapy schools in Dallas, Texas that most of the people do not really even know about. That is mainly because these schools do not really market themselves and you won’t be able to search for these amazing schools if you didn’t have a keen eye that knows how to look for the right things.

So, to make it easier for you, we did our research and found top 10 massage therapy schools in Dallas, Texas. Below you’ll find a list of schools we think rank in the Top 10 Massage Therapy schools in Texas based on accreditation, reputation and student reviews.

If you are planning on attending a massage school then it’s a great step forward in your career. Whether you want to become a professional masseuse, acupuncturist or a massage therapist, you definitely have a lot of questions in that regard and you must want to get admission in the most reputed school.

So, given that, here are the top 10 massage schools in Dallas that can be considered,

10. Avenue Five Institute

The first recommendation on our list is an award winning beauty and wellness school in Austin, Texas. The school is offering an amazing 750-hour Advanced Massage Therapy Program that is unique because it provides leading-edge courses with a broad spectrum of massage modalities.

The school also offers a pretty good learning environment where the students achieve hands-on experience. Their methods of teaching are student oriented so that once their batch passes out, they will be able to run their own wellness programs and clinics independently.

For more information visit their website –

9. Cortiva Institute

This school was previously known as the Texas Center For Massage Therapy and has more than two campuses, one of them is located in Dallas.

The Cortive program is also pretty unique and it has been designed in such a way that it teaches and trains the students in the technique and theory of a balanced blend of bodywork modalities while it also focuses on their skills in listening, ethical communication and postural assessment. These skills are highly important within the scope of their practice and they ensure students, once they start their practice, are able to deal with their clients efficiently.

For more information visit their website –

8. South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

The South Texas Vocational Institute also has more than 5 campuses, one of them is located in Dallas and it offers great learning environment to the students.

The school is offering a diploma in massage therapy and the program at the institute has been designed in such a way that students will be able to seek employment as professional massage therapists. The program mainly focuses on advanced massage technique and in addition to that, it centers around clinical methods and teaches the students about the art of massage therapy.

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7. Texas School Of Massage

Since you are looking for a massage school in Dallas, Texas, we are sure you must have heard about the Texas School of Massage since it is among those schools in Texas that has been licensed by the government.

The Texas School of Massage (herein also referred to as the “School”) has been licensed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) since May 2003. The school is known for offering two major massage licensing program known as 570 Hour Standard Massage Licensing Program and the 500 Hour Basic Massage Licensing Program.

For more information visit their website –

6. Milan Institute

The Milan Institute has several campuses in the US and one of them is located in Dallas. It is offering certificates in Massage Therapy and the institute is recognized around the globe.

The best thing about this institute is their unique curriculum which includes the best of eastern, ancient and western massage practices. The institution also focuses on the latest massage techniques and is among one of the best massage schools in US. Their students are known for having enhanced skills and confidence so they pretty much excel at all sorts of institutes.

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5. Texas Massage Academy

This institution has been established since many years know and it has always strived to be the best. Texas Massage Academy not only teaches the most sought after skills but it also prepares its students for pursuing careers as professional massage therapists.

If you happen to be someone who is excited for pursuing a career in massage therapy and wants to help out others, then Texas Massage Academy is the institute that you need to pick.

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4. Hands On Approach School Of Massage And Spa

Another institution that we have added into our recommendation is Hands On Approach School Of Massage And Spa. It is one of the most engaging and diverse institute you will find for learning massage therapy.

The best thing about this institution is that students acquire hands-on experience during the training period because the school also operates as Spa and Massage Center. There are clients always in and out of the center which is why it is a great institution for learning and gaining experience when it comes to massage therapy.

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3. Sterling Health Center And Massage Therapy School

Sterling Health Center is family owned massage therapy school that has been running since ages. The students here have gained amazing experience during their study period and almost all the trainees are able to pursue careers in massage therapy as soon as they graduate.

The school has its own health center so most of their top students secure a job in the ceneter itself after they graduate.

For more information visit their website –

2. Parker School Of Massage Therapy

Dallas has some amazing massage therapy schools and Parker School Of Massage Therapy is surely one of them.

It is recognized as one of the most reputed spa schools of the region and their teaching approach is pretty spoken for as well. The staff uses a fusion of latest and ancient practices when it comes to massage therapy and the students learn everything in a friendly environment.

For more information visit their website –

1. Healing Hands Massage Institute

As the name suggests, Healing Hands Massage Institute is one of the most accommodating and passionate schools for learning massage therapy.

The campus is purpose built and the teaching staff is highly experienced. The students that have been graduated from the Healing Hands Massage Institute have now pursued careers as professional massage therapists, masseuse and so on.

For more information visit their website –

So, these are the top 10 schools for massage therapy in Dallas, Texas. We hope the list sorts out all your confusions. If you have any recommendations in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.

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