Top 10 Life Insurance Companies You Can Consider

Looking for best life insurance companies but don’t know where to start? If so, we have a few things to say in this regard that may help you out in many ways.

Finding the best life insurance companies is hard. There is a lot of taboo attached to this topic and not many people know about the right life insurance agencies that can help them out.

When you have found the best life insurance company, you will know and that is because good life insurance companies offer a few key policy provisions along with unparalleled financial strength. The also offer you with disability protection and end-of-life-care.

In order to know that you have found the best life insurance policy, you will need to shop around the market and compare different rates. We have made a list of top 10 life insurance companies that can really help you out and let dust settle.

You can take a look at top 10 life insurance companies down below.

1. TIAA Life

When we talk about top 10 life insurance companies, we would like to start from the best and TIAA Life has been given amazing rating and reviews from the customers who have shopped for life insurance policies from them.

The agency has gained highest scores for providing amazing financial stability and protection.

Recently, the company celebrated their hundred years of success and it should tell you clearly that they will be there for you whenever you need them. The best thing about TIAA Life is that there website features an automated handy estimating tool that will tell you if you need life insurance or not and if so, how much you should purchase. It makes it easier for customers to make a decision on point.

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2. Guardian

As the name suggests, Guardian will be your guardian angel in time of need for sure.

The agency is a nationwide provider and they are also one of the largest mutual life insurers of the United States. Its cash-building whole life insurance is backed by solid industry ratings, and riders allow you to extend protection for chronic illness or disability.

Guardian is a name that we suggest when you are like for best whole life insurance policy.

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3. New York Life

New York life is one of the most recognized life insurance policy company that has a robust website, offering you detailed information regarding challenges and opportunities that you may come across either while having a baby, thinking about retirement or when you are getting a new job.

The best part about New York Life is that their insurance policy is customizable and it is also really flexible. You can pay the entire insurance policy on your own pace and also offers you a variety of riders such as the ability for your spouse to purchase a new paid-up policy on his or her life without providing evidence of insurability or disability waiver.

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4. Haven Life

Haven Life is another life insurance company that has recently gotten rid of the medical examination that a customer must perform in order to buy a life insurance.

Haven Life is known for offering the most affordable and simplest type of insurance policy that is known as term life insurance. If you are young and healthy and are thinking about getting a life insurance, then Haven Life is you best option. Their process of identifying the qualified people is pretty simple and you do not need to think too much about it.

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5. MetLife

MetLife is a life insurance company that is not just recognized for its services in the United States but they are also pretty well-known to the entire world.

The MetLife offers you with insurance policies in numerous options and that includes whole life, term, variable, universal along with survivorship plans.

MetLife also offers a simplified issue term life insurance which does not require applicants to get a medical exam, worthwhile for customers with health issues.

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6. State Farm

In 2018, State Farm earned the number one spot in J.D. Power & Associates’ annual customer satisfaction survey of more than 5,000 U.S. life insurance policyholders. We have not even mentioned the best part yet, it was the 5th year when State Farm came out on the top again.

The leading reasons behind State Farm’s success are that they offer excellent support and favorable prices. All the policy owners trust State farm with their policies and are always willing to invest in them. However, if you live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, you will have to let this one go because they are not offering life insurance policies in these regions yet but given the rate of their growth, it won’t be long before they dig into that aspect as well.

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7. AIG

When talking about world’s largest life insurance company, the first name that gets stuck in our head is AIG. They are considered the tycoon of life insurances because they currently have 49,000 employees and clients in over 80 countries and jurisdictions.

We’ve also noticed that AIG is great at placing applicants who are on the border of two different rating classes, because of their weight, into the more favorable class. People consider them convenient according to their budget and they do offer some of the best pricings.

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8. Amica Life

Just like TIAA, Amica is another company that has been around for over 100 years and that makes them highly credible for acquiring a life insurance policy.

The company has earned their reputation over the years because of their excellent customer services, reasonable pricings and financial stability. The company also offers a life insurance policy holder with decent conversion options that include switching from term to permanent policy, terminal illness rider and also allows you to receive a portion of your death benefits in case you fall seriously ill.

They provide great allowances and this is why Amica Life should be highly considered.

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9. Lincoln Financial

The second last company that we have on this life is Lincoln Financial that is famous for offering various types of policy options.

Some, like their index universal life insurance options, are linked to major financial indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500, making them slightly better options if you’re looking for cash growth but you need to do a lot of research before you choose to use your life insurance policy as an investment option.

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10. Mutual Of Omaha

The company has been serving people in the world of life insurance policies for years now. It offers a wide range of policies that includes whole life, term, accidental death and universal life.

The company has integrated an online system on their website that allows the customers to estimate how much coverage they are going to require according to their circumstances. The website also has a calculator that provides an estimated figure of how long the life insurance proceedings may last.

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So, these are the top 10 life insurance policies that can help you out in the long run.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Do provide us with your feedback through the comments below. We highly appreciate it.

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