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About Domain Age Checker

The age of a website is one of the main components of an effective SEO result. A website that has been running through the World Wide Web for a long time will have a better reputation in the eyes of Google. So, RankCheater has yet another innovative tool to sort another one your SEO related problems. Our domain age checker tool will determine the age of your website or the age of your competitor’s website to give you a better understanding of how should you attain more traffic.

All you must do is enter the URL of the page you want checking and our tool will pull up all the WHOIS required information regarding the domain such as the age of the website, its owner’s name and other details and other administrative and technical contact details. Our tool will just take a couple of seconds to bring you the required results.

What are its key features?

You can discover the domain age of any website you want. It will help you give a better understanding of digital marketing.
You can also identify the registration details of any domain.

As the result shows up, you can also take a quick snapshot to save all the information.

If you have a competitor you want to beat. The domain age checker can also check the age of his domain for a quick comparison between yours and his website.

So, just enter the URL and you will get all the required information for maintaining a competitive edge with the other person.
The age of a domain is one of the biggest factors that help understand the rank of a website on any search engine. If an old website has more traffic and higher ranks that means that it has some solid proofs to offer its credibility and has a good reputation and place in the Google stats.

Same way, those websites who have just been established or launched in the first year of their initial startup, they will have to focus on their credibility and authenticity. They will have to work a lot on boosting the confidence of a website. If we look deep into the criteria of the rankings of a search engine, we will understand that the age of a domain matters a lot for a search engine.

Why use our domain age checker?

RankCheater has been recognized among the users for providing the most authentic SEO tools online. It has a great repute and has always received a positive response from its users. Webmasters and SEO marketers widely use our website for boosting the rankings of their website. One reason for that is because it always has to most dependable results and second, it is completely free to use. A user does not need to sign up or buy a membership to use our tools.

This is one of the biggest perks of using RankCheater. Our user interface is extremely friendly and easy to use and you will enjoy working at our website. Don’t forget to provide us with your feedback, we will appreciate it.