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About Domain Authority Checker

There are billions of websites, some are better than the others and some are still working their way through. But the problem is that how do we get to know which website is doing better than the others and has a visibly great reputation.

There is a certain criterion for judging that and we are here to tell you what that criterion is. The Domain Authority Checker was introduced to check the MOZ rank of a website. It was a tool that was developed to analyze the performance of a website on Google Search Engine.

Difference between Domain Authority & Page Authority

First thing is that you properly need to understand the difference between domain and page authority. Page authority is the ranking and overall performance of a single webpage whereas domain authority us the performance and ranking of that complete domain and subdomains. Domain authority analyzes the authority of your whole domain whereas page authority only tells you the ranking and performance of a single page.

How can you increase Domain Authority?

How to increase its authority? It is an easy yet very complex question and it has the ability to alter the life of a webmaster. If you are a webmaster yourself, then you have the idea that how important it is to have a good score of domain authority. On-site factors are most significant when it comes to the ranking of your website or the Domain Authority.

The backbone and main thing about any website is its high quality and engaging content. The more relevant content you add to your website regarding its category, the more traffic shall be increased. You must also make use of social media as it is thoroughly responsible for the public awareness of your brand and increase exposure to your website.

Why use our Domain Authority Checker?

When you have figured out the real difference between page authority and domain authority then the next task is to figure out the best available domain authority checker. One that will fit best for all your needs. If you are willing to find out the domain authority of your website, you have come to the right place.

You need a quality Domain Authority Checker for the task at hand. RankCheater  – domain authority checker provides its users with the most relevant and genuine results. It has a very user-friendly interface and works best if you want to figure out the quality and exposure of your website. It is fast, friendly and reliable and has the best outcome for its users.

How to use it?

To be concise, our tool does exactly what it says. It checks the authority of your domain and provides you with a result that may range from 0-100. And above all, it is very convenient and easy to use, all you must do is provide the tool the URL of the website you want to be investigated and let it do its work. Within a couple of seconds, our tool will provide you with the results that will not just tell you about your domain authority but page authority as well. Cool, isn’t it?