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About Domain into IP

Domain names are used to search for the website we want information on an IP address is what determines the difference between one domain from the other. You can say that an IP address is basically the contact details of a domain.

You can know about the location and the administration information about a website through its IP address. But why on earth do we need to know about the details of a domain, this could only be a requirement in case of cyber threats or if we want details from where the domain originated.

IP Address

The Internet contains a database that has all the address of the website running on the internet. Each domain on the web has a unique IP address. An instance, if a user goes offline after using the internet for some time, his/her IP address will be provided to another user after he has signed off.

These IP addresses are interchangeable. The service providers assign a different IP address every time a user logs in. This provides security and a cheap way to use internet protocol.

How can find Domain to IP?

There are a lot of ways available on the internet through which you can easily find your IP address or that of a website.  There are several commands like “tracer” or “ping” that can be used for this task. But just because you know the IP of a website, does not mean you know everything about it.

If you want some detailed information regarding an IP address, use RankCheater as your service provider. Go to our website RankCheater and search for the domain into an IP checker tool. You will have displayed by an option, click on it and it’ll redirect you to the tool.

Now, enter the domain address for which you want details and click enter. It will take just a few seconds before you are shown a display of the results. Along with the IP address, you will be shown about its region, address, and its ISP.

It will also explain the name of the web hosting service about the domain you searched for. This information is quite useful to see who your domain’s service provider is. But do not completely rely on the location it shows.

Because it happens that service provider who sold the domain is in Singapore but the website could be being used in Australia. You can find out who the service providers are but you can never completely be sure of who is using it and from where.