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About Backlink Checker

If you are familiar with the term SEO than you know exactly what we are talking about. To gain higher ranking on the search engines, webmasters link their websites with inbound links. These links further link them to high ranked websites to generate a large amount of traffic.

A backlink checker is used to determining the value of your backlinks. Doesn’t matter if you have many inbound links, if they do not have quality, they are of no use.

How does it really work?

The backlink checkers does a backcheck of your website to determine how many inbound links indicate towards your website. Backlink checker at RankCheater also determines some extra information regarding your webs like anchor text, page rankings of the backlinks that were used and potential flags or warnings that the webmaster must keep in mind.

What do the results determine?

Firstly, it is very important to create inbound links for your domain’s ranking. You see, the higher number of links you have will get you on top ranking in the google, that is what usually understand but this is just not it. All the search engines understand the quality, not quantity. When SEO initially started, many webmasters used to buy a large number of links on very cheap rates. This would compromise the quality of any website. Google wants natural inbound links. Websites who have good ranking among the users. To be concise, it is better to have 5 quality backlinks instead of 50 low standard ones.

RankCheater has designed the backlink checker to show you what you must know. It tells you the quality of the links that you have inbound in your domain. In the bottom left corner of your results, you will see how many backlinks exactly your website has. The number is limited to a count of 10 so you will have to navigate to the next page to see the results further. And each page will show you the exact link that contains your website’s backlink. In the right column, you will find Google page rank and it will allow you to know how many websites originally have your domain’s source backlink. The next column alongside it will tell you what anchor text has been used to define your website. And if there are any red flags or warnings regarding your domain, the last link will show you that.

Link auditing

If you have just started your web marketing you might be curious to check your backlinking quality every now and then. And that’s okay, to be honest. But since this process is much more complicated than others, a complete backlink auditing should be done once a year and you will be able to determine the link building areas and what suits best for you.

You can use this tool at RankCheater.org completely free. We have the most authentic SEO tools on the web and our results are thoroughly checked and determined. So, don’t worry while making use of the available tools. They are all designed to give the best output.