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About Blacklist Lookup

A website could face the issue of blacklisting if it sends out emails to lots of users at once and it happens especially when a website is promoting a new product or latest services. If one of the receivers marks that email as spam, the service provider could add the website into the blacklist.

If we look at it up thoroughly, you should always observe the traffic of your website because when you think or feel the traffic has been dropped to a great rate, there is a chance that your website has been placed in the blacklist. Also, always check before buying a domain from someone, run it through a blacklist checker and make sure that it is not in that list.

There is some organization that is running these blacklist services online. They use DNSBL or SURBL to blacklist the respected spammed websites. Email service providers use this software to check for spam content before sending out emails to their customers.

Some DNSBL service providers use different criteria to determine which websites should be blacklisted and which shouldn’t.  Spam filters that are used by email service providers us DNSBL to determine the spam content sent in by the websites.

Blacklisting in search engines

No webmaster ever wants that his website goes into the blacklist of a search engine. If a search engine blacklist’s a website, that will mean the end of its life and search engine will never show that website again in its search. Search engines have different reasons for blacklisting a website. If a website is involved in hacking other websites or sending out spam, there’s a great chance that it will get blacklisted.

Using Blacklist Lookup

If you want to make sure that your website is not blacklisted then there is a very simple way to do that. RankCheater brings you another innovative tool that will help you identify whether your website has been blacklisted or not. To make use of this tool, you must be aware of your IP address.

Enter the IP address in the checkbox and press enter. Now, wait for the tool to perform its magic. Within a couple of minutes, you shall be provided with all the results regarding your website. This tool will only look up the websites on the DNSBL platform. To make sure that your website is not blacklisted on other platforms, you should make use of the tools that are available online.

There are millions of devices that are using the internet today and that means that there are billions of users out there in the whole world. Websites must protect themselves against malicious content, hackers, and viruses. And they must also make sure that their websites shall remain authentic and do not get lost in a blacklist.

Once you’ve got your website on a blacklist, removing it from that is entirely impossible. So, what you need to do is make sure that your website’s content does not lie into the spam category and keep checking its authenticity and credibility from time to time.