Class C Ip Checker

Class C Ip Checker

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About Class C Ip Checker

We are aware that every device that connects to internet is provided with a unique and different IP address. This is done so that one system to another can locate itself and the other using these IP addresses. This address is commonly known as an Internet Protocol. The IP address consists of a 32-bit binary address that has two subaddresses, one is the address of the network itself and one is the address of the host network. The IP address consists of four sets of numbers ranging from 0 to 255 separated by a (.) in decimal form. For example, is a valid IP address.

Classes of IP addresses

There are five major classes of IP addresses and they are as follows


  • Class A

The first bit of a class A address is always set to 0. It only leaves seven bits for the network portion of the address. Class A addresses range from – It means there can only be 128 network numbers.

  • Class B

The first bit of a class B address is always set to 1 and the second bit is set to 0. It means 16,384 networks can be assigned class B addresses. The numbers range from –

  • Class C

Class C addresses have their first two bits set to 1, and the third bit is set to 0. It means 2,097,152 networks can be assigned this class of address. The numbers range from –

  • Class D

Class D addresses have their first three bits set to 1, and the fourth bit is set to 0. Class D addresses are used for multicasting applications. The numbers range from – and are reserved for multicast groups.

  • Class E

Class E addresses are reserved for experimentation and testing and have never been utilized in any standard form.


Class C IP checker

If you have just recently purchased a web server from web hosting services providers. It is a definite thing that you will be curious to know which other websites are using the same IP address as yours. That is because there is a great chance that your host has given you a C class of IP address and there could be other users out there who might be using your address and this address could be shared with other websites as well.

You can use this tool from RankCheater and analyze or investigate which other websites have shared your IP address. Just our Class C IP Checker tool through Google and you will be redirected to our tool’s page

In the given boxes, you must enter at least 2 domain names to the minimum and 20 domain names to the maximum and then press the button “Check Now”. The tool will assess the domains and will provide you with the achieved results.

In the results, it will display the host names that you had entered, and against each hostname, it will display their IP address, Class C, and the status.

The results will show you the hosts that are sharing the same class C IP address and if the status is ‘valid’ then everything is ok. This duplicate IP address checker is handy to know which other websites are sharing the same IP address.