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Have you been working in the SEO department?

Then you must know and understand the difficulties that we face. SEO means search engine optimization that gives us the impression of making your website rank among the highest search and viewed website on the search engines. Getting a good ranking for your website is not impossible but could be a difficult play. All you must do is understand the tactics and use them according to fulfilling your needs. It is an easy job to do but is just a little confusing and you need the right tools for it. RankCheater is here to help you figure out all search engine optimization related problems and help you get better at it.

You must know what the keywords are, right? They are specific phrases and words used in the content of your website to bring you on the top ranking you can use most searched words regarding your field in your content but you must know how you can get most out of it.

Keyword Density Checker

Using this keyword tool doesn’t help in mixing your mistakes but it will identify them to you so that you can work further on it according to your need. Our keyword density checker is very easy to use. All you must do is paste the URL of your website in the text box, add the number of keywords you want to be found and choose that how many words you want the per sentence to be displayed and press enter.

Now watch as this amazing tool does its work. In a few seconds, your result will show up and you’ll see your keywords and their density along with it. The density tells us how often a keyword was used to search in the search engines. Keywords density checker basically shows us the percentage of how frequently a phrase was used to get information from the search engines instead of showing us a whole word count.

SEO/ keywords are always the backdoors of getting good rankings for your website or blog, whatever you choose to market. If you do not offer engaging content on your website or blog, whatever SEO tactics that you use will all be of no use. You must understand that users want amazing and entertaining content and that is the only thing that will help you keep up with a good search engine presence along with SEO.

But always keep in mind that using these tools is an essential part of your job. If you don’t want your site to be over-optimized or under-optimized, keep these tools in check with your own content. This will help you fix mistakes you are committing and create the appropriate optimization. Google hasn’t given a prompt approach regarding the keyword density in the web content however you should keep your primary keywords between 2% to 3% and long searched phrases between 1% to 2%. That will help keep your site engaging along with a good search engine presence.