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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker Tool

SEO experts want its website to be on the top 3 ranked websites of the search engine. It is not nearly impossible to achieve this goal, just a little bit of the right effort and you will be good to go. So, if you are serious about achieving your goal, then you might want to start working right now and to do that you need to check the ranking of your website and check the keyword’s position on your web content.

Use Keyword Position Checker Tool

RankCheater provides you with an optimal keyword position checker tool. You can use this tool to check the position of your keyword and know where does your website rank on the search engines. RankCheater not just provides you with the best keyword rank checker but this tool is also totally free to use. To use this tool, all you must do is enter your keyword in the first box, the domain of your website you want to test in the second box, tick the boxes you want checking to indicate the search engines and define your page range and then click “check position”, then wait while the magic takes place. Our tool will give you the most authentic results for you to determine your next move regarding SEO ranking.

How does it work?

The tool will scan through the entire web regarding the keyword or phrase you types to check its ranking on various search engines. If the keyword checker indicates green light, that means your result was good and your website was found on the first page with regards to the phrase. Even if you’re website is not among the top 3 links, showing up on the first page is a good result. But if your website is not among the top 10 pages, that indicates that your website isn’t optimized or has a poor backlinking.

Tips for you to acquire better keyword ranking

  • Choose your keywords very carefully. Be as specific and unique as you can be.
  • Use fewer keywords instead of bombarding your content with specific phrases and words. Search engines scan through the content quite thoroughly. You have more chances of getting detected sooner if your content is clear and specific.
  • Create quality content. The quality matters the most if you want to achieve a good ranking.
  • Create valuable and quality backlinks. Link your website with web page pages who are dominant among the internet in their respective fields.
  • The last advice always tries to use a keyword position checker frequently. It will not tell only tell you about your web ranking but it will also make it easier for you to determine where you need to put more work.

RankCheater provides you the best tools online

Our tools are highly authentic and well praised. And above everything, it is free to use. You do not need any premium accounts or registration. Just open our website and start using many of our tools all for free.