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About Page Size Checker

Page size checker is another one tools provided by the rank heater. This amazing tool checker allows the user to check the size of any website available on the World Wide Web. If your website takes some time to open or load then we suggest that you should check the size of your website.

 If your size takes time to load then there is a possibility that users will not use it at all because the internet has adrenaline to do work as fast as they can and if a website takes time to open, they’ll just close it and move on with the next website in line. The more media you add in a website, the slower it will become.

Normally, a standard URL has a size of 12KB. If you have attached videos, graphics, audio, live streaming options and you do not maintain the size of your web, your website will bounce. That’s where our tool comes in, we help you here to check the size of your webpage and then maintain it according to your needs.

How can you use it?

How the site is performing depends entirely on the size of the web pages it contains. rankCheater page size checker lets the user analyze the size of all its webpages individually. So, the user may get help regarding the speed of his website. The space your webpages have occupied depends on the host you are using.

You must change your web host if the space you have is too little for the type of website you are running and always stay aware of the space each of your webpages is using. You must also limit the size of the webpages to a certain amount so that your website may perform faster.

Why use our page size checker tool?

There are billions of websites on the internet that are offering you SEO tools. But rank heater provides you with most well-structured and programmed tools with a rate of 100% authentic results. Our tool is very easy to use and you can acquire this service absolutely free.

How to use the rank heater page size checker tool?

This tool offers a great and friendly user interface. If you want a tool that will not only be easy to use but also provides the best results possible, then you have come to the right place. You will not find a 100% authentic tool like ours on the entire web. All you must do is enter the “URL” of the page you want to get the size checked for and press enter. It will take up to 2 minutes for the software to do its working before it presents you with the result. Your result will be shown in the form of bytes and kilobytes, making it easier for you to analyze.

We strive to improve our website for better user experience and we will really appreciate if you provide us with your feedback. SO, leave your reviews in the box below and we will get back to you if there are any queries.