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About Plagiarism Checker

Working in SEO means you got to have plagiarism checkers at your disposal at any time. There are several plagiarism checkers available online but provides you with the best one.

A plagiarism checker is basically a tool to check if the data that you have compiled together is available on any other website or not. To check if whether the creator used a copy/paste strategy or compiled his own original content. Due to the duplication of content on the web these days, it is highly important to check your content for the reason of duplication itself.

As the work of SEO has increased, the SEO experts consider the use of plagiarism checker highly helpful. It helps them check for any kind ambiguity or duplicity within a matter of seconds. Especially for those website developers who run their own websites but acquire work from other available content creators. The use of spinners and chatbots is also shown when the content is scanned through a plagiarism checker.

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Working of Plagiarism Checker

When you enter your content in the box, it is scanned thoroughly along with the World Wide Web. If the software detects common phrases or words, it’ll highlight them and create red flags among the box. But when the software detects a complete sentence that might have been duplicated, it not only highlights it but also tells the source of its origination to the user. This way, the user can also check for himself the duplicate content and fix it accordingly.

There are some Google tests available online like Copyscape, the phrases that have been highlighted will not pass through those tests resulting in failure of the content your provided and wastage of time. When the scan is complete, the results will show you several highlighted contents, if there is any and will also provide you with links.

The problem with duplicate content is that it lowers your page ranking which results in minimal traffic. The researcher will choose not to come to your site since you do not have the originality of your own. When submitting a research proposal, it is very important to scan it through a plagiarism checker before the submission because if you don’t, there’s a chance that if there is duplicity shown, your content will get rejected.

RankCheater is the site for excellence and quality. Our tools are authentic and will provide you with the best results. Our plagiarism checker software scans the texts thoroughly by going through each available search engine one by one. This tool is also widely used by the teachers to check for any duplicate content in the assignments provided to them by the students. The best thing about RankCheater is that it was completely free of cost, no premium membership, and no registration. Just come to our website and use the available tools anytime you like.