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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

Go ahead and try this reliable Search Engine Spider Simulator powered by Rankcheater.

Have you ever thought that what does your website depict to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo? There is only this understanding that web crawling spiders do not see, they crawl these websites based on a determined algorithm and the information and content we see on these website has got nothing to do with the crawling of your website.

It is important to observe your website from a spider simulator’s perspective and then fix its flaws accordingly. Only then you will be able to understand the algorithm according to which your website is ranked and by doing necessary improvements, you will be able to fix the ranks and visibility of your websites on the search engines.

This spider simulator is developed to replicate a search engine and show the data in the exact form as it will be shown on a search engine. To give you the slightest idea of it, you will be provided with the following information when using a spider simulator.


  • Meta title, meta keywords, and meta description
  • Text body or page content
  • Internal spider links (link’s URL, link’s anchor text, type, and No-follow/Do-follow)
  • External spider links - (link’s URL, link’s anchor text, type, and No-follow/Do-follow)
  • Hyperlinks that will be followed by a search engine

How to use this efficient Search Engine Spider Simulator?

Just like all our other tools, Rankcheater has developed this tool with a very friendly-user interface as well. All you must do is enter the URL of the website you want to investigate and press “Check”. The spider simulator will only take a couple of minutes before it will show you with the results that you have been looking for. From the results, you will be able to analyze your website through the eyes of a search engine spider.

The results will only be in the form of texts. No images or JavaScript data shall be shown to you because they are not visible to the web crawlers.

Why should you use our Search Engine Spider Simulator?

We at Rankcheater want to make sure that our users are provided with the best available online SEO tools. Our spider simulator tool will help you understand these search engines a little better, it will give you an outlook of which part of your websites is valued by a search engine simulator and which parts and content of your website are not pondered upon. It will help you perform your search engine optimization better.

These web spiders only determine the text that is available on the website. They do not understand any other form of information. This spider simulator also works best if you want to know whether your backlinks lead your users to the right destinations. It is observed sometimes when exchanging web links, these links are often misled.

It will also help you determine the position of your keywords. It is important to know because the keywords that you place within the first few lines of the content of your website are way more important than the rest.