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About Word Counter

Word counter is an online tool to check the number of words present in a document or web. It not only gives an accurate count of the words but characters as well. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional blogger or a student who’s writing an essay, the word count is important for anybody who intends on delivering quality content to the people.

If you have ever planned on counting your words manually in a computer document, then you must know how nearly impossible it is. That’s the best time to enjoy the perks of having a word counter online. Luckily, RankCheater brings the best word counting tool for your search engine optimization.

The help a word counter provides.

If you intend to have a good ranking on the google searched pages, then you should be aware that there is no defined formula for that. People often misinterpret that if your article has an exact number of defined words, you could go on top of the page. That just does not happen. The main thing isn’t the word count, it is the quality of content that you are producing. Sometimes a short sentence gives out a bigger impact on the people, Twitter is the biggest example for that. You can easily check your word count with our provided word count software but always remember that the quality of your text is the soul of it.

Why Use Our Word Counter?

There are tons of word count tools available online, most online the sites that are providing SEO tools but we assure you that the word count of RankCheater is the best because of its user-friendly interface and because we provide it for free after all.

RankCheater is probably the only website that does not ask for any membership or human verifications. All you must do is paste your text in the text box and press enter, your result will be calculated even before you can say a word along with the suggestion. You can cut out the regardless content and make your text more valuable to the readers.

So, whether you have a student essay or a thesis submission, our word counter is the one for you. It is verified and its results are calculated. RankCheater is the name of brilliance and we provide many other search engine optimization tools to new users like plagiarism checker, article rewriter, spelling check and grammar checker. It is one of the leading top SEO tools sites online these days and provides the best user experience. You can also check out our other tools and make this place your permanent site for tools online. We have mostly received positive reviews and if you appreciate our software’s as well, don’t forget to post feedback. We will be happy to hear what you must say or suggest.