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Free Ping Tool: Can Index Your New Content Efficiently And Quickly

Pour yourself a drink. Open your site or one direct link to the latest blog post. Pick the category that completely explains the characteristics of your website. Click “Ping Now.” Sit behind and observe this amazing free ping tool perform all the task for you!
Don’t wait for the search engines to know when you’ve implemented a change on your site!

It’s a known truth that a blog grows the importance of your website. As long as you maintain it fresh with updates, valuable content that is. After writing a new piece of content or blog, whether daily or weekly or monthly, you should take control of the position and use this pinger to inform search engines of your new or renewed page.

Rather of listing your top-level domain Name(i.e., you should insert the straightforward link to your particular post or website page (i.e., into the pinger and choose the suitable category that defines the type of that web page.

Sometimes the section of a link may be unusual than that from the website. For instance, a News & Health blog may include various subjects and niches, and so one post “Improving Reused Bottle Caps into Alphabet Magnets” might instead be classified as “Arts & Crafts” or “Hobbies & Collectibles.”