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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

RankCheater brings you another exciting SEO tool for optimizing your website in the search engines. This time we have brought Reverse IP Domain checker to assure the security of your domains and webpages.

This tool will analyze your IP address and if you are using shared hosting services with other users it will analyze the data that has been transferred through your IP address and if there are websites that are prohibited or unauthorized or some other problematic information is found, it will display an icon and let you know the type of risk that you might be facing.

If you see an icon? This is what they are meant to portray.

If an icon shows up, this means that a site has been detected that might be possessing malicious content and could prove to be harmful to your system. If you happen to share an IP address with a website that contains malicious and prohibited content, it will affect the rankings of your own website and that might cause a lot of trouble if you are running online services.

Then if this icon shows up, it will mean that the website you’ve just opened has a virus on it. Even though you may not have a virus on your own website but it can cause a decrease in your search engine rankings. Then here comes this attractive icon, trust us, this is an icon that you will wish you never would see if you’re analyzing your IP.

It will depict that your IP is being shared with a website that has porn. All the adult content that you see on the websites is always filtered by Google. If your IP is being shared with a website that has adult content, it will affect the page rank of your website gravely. If you have heard about the good kind of spam, then you have heard it wrong. There is no such thing like that. If the checker detects that your IP has been shared with a website that has been marked by search engines as spam, it will also have a negative effect on your website.

Shared vs Dedicated hosting & SEO

Search engines block some specific types of websites based on their filters and algorithms. You cannot determine or assume which website has been marked as spam by Google and which isn’t. The drawback of it is that it can result in blocking of other websites that have shared IP addresses or servers with those websites

. If you are concerned about your to rank on the search engines and the visibility of your website, then we suggest that you use dedicated hosting servers instead of shared ones. That will reduce the decrease of other websites sharing your IP address and will result in high ranks in the search engines.

Our tool will help you identify the websites that are sharing an IP address with your domain and you will be able to figure out for potential risks and how you may deal with them.