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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

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Getting a good ranking on the search engine could be a hard task and one must never understand what it takes to be on the top of the search engine ranking. Of course, most of the websites on the top are paid advertisements or sponsored by the site owners but the others are usually generated through an algorithm. This algorithm detects and scans the websites available online and provides the users according to their search results.

Status server checker is a tool used detect if there is a problem with your server that it may goes undetected from the search engines. It is an easy to use tool and it will display most authentic results of all. All you must do is paste up to 100 words in the URL bar and press enter. This site will show you each server status indicating their website.

Let’s discuss the points in detail.

You must understand the server status codes otherwise this tool’s help will be lost on you.


  • If the result comes in as 200 OK, that means your website could return with the content that was required by the user. So, your website is working just fine that will indicate from the prompt.
  • If the prompt shows ‘301 moved permanently’, that will indicate that your required URL has been moved permanently to a new location and you will have to see it there with the new domain.
  • If the prompt shows the result of “302 Found’, that will indicate the possibility that the website the user was trying to reach is facing some redirecting issues now and will be able to reach in a short period.
  • Another similar prompt to it is “307 Temporary Redirect”, that means you website was misdirected temporarily and will be able to reach in the next try.
  • The result “400 Bad Request” indicates that the server did not understand what you were looking for and you might want to retry.
  • If a website is blocked in a certain area, it will show the prompt of “401 Unauthorized’ which means you need authorization from the concerned to get access to the following website.
  • A similar prompt like this is “403 Forbidden”, that shows that the server will not allow to view the following content even if you have authorization.
  • An irritating prompt on the web is “404 Not Found”, which indicates the possibility that content you were looking for has been moved to another location or has been removed permanently.
  • If the prompt has shown you the result of “410 Gone”, then you will have to put your research at rest since the content you were looking for does not exist anymore.

Another administration level error is known as “500 Internal Server”, this means that there is something wrong with the server itself and needs configuration.