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About URL Encoder / Decoder

RankCheater brings yet another smart and efficient tool for your SEO problems. This time we have come up with an online URL encoder and decoder.

If you wish to add some additional special characters to your URL like % sign or anything, this tool will prove to be extremely helpful for you. This process involves adding an allowable sign to your URL like percent sign % with two hexadecimal values along with it.

How to use this URL Encoder/Decoder?

This free tool provided by RankCheater allows you to enter a statement or a URL in the space given below and then press encode or decode. Now, watch the tool do its magic and it will replace the URL with unallowable characters in it.

Ever heard of JavaScript? This tool will come in handy if you want to decode a barely readable URL to a perfectly readable URL. This type of URL usually contains a non-alphanumeric character, then a percent symbol % and then a few alphanumeric characters. The white spaces that are in between will be encoded by a” +” symbol.

Those URLs that have an ASCII format will be carried over to the inter. Those who do not have the acceptance of this format, they need to be converted in a form that the ASCII will accept.

What are URL encoding and decoding?

URL encoding is usually needed in the query string and it is known as the Uniform Resource Identifier. It is not used by a huge population. People who want to use symbols instead of letters in their URLs mostly go with this technique. You need a URL encoder/decoder to do this job efficiently.

How does it work?

The process of online encoding of URL or percent-encoding is a process in which a specific amount of information is converted into symbols. This is processed through a Uniform Resource Identifier in some obvious situations. This tool is mainly used with the Uniform Resource Identifier set, which contains both locator and name of the uniform resource.

This type of encoding is requested when a set of data has to be prepared and submitted of HTML form into HTTP requests.
How the entire characters shall be replaced by a percent symbol and hexadecimal values, that you have read already.

How does it work?

When a certain character from the reserved set has special meaning in a certain context and a URI scheme says that it is important to use that character for a different sort of purpose, then the character should be percent-decoded.

Use our free software tool for your encoding and decoding purposes. It is completely free to use and you can make use of it for as long as you want and however, you want. We do not apply any restriction of any sort. You will also find several other tools for SEO purposes. Make use of them according to your need and let us know about your experience and if it needs to be improved.