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About URL Rewriting Tool

Have long URLs that you are afraid people might forget? Do not worry at all. We at RankCheater bring you the best available website editing tools online. And what even better is that you do not have to do much of a hassle about it. All you need is just a little amount of right information regarding your website and what you want to edit about it, if you know this, you will be done editing within a minute or two.

This tool is dynamic and worth using. You do not need any premium membership or need to sign up. Just browse our website and you will be good to go.

Why use rank heater?

You can find billions of SEO tools available on the web. Some offer their services for free and some require membership worth 100s of dollars. But every tool available on our website is free to use to every user out there. All they need to do is open our website and begin working at once. And, there is no limitation of use. You can keep on using it for as long as you want without any sort of human verification.

The URL rewriting tool on RankCheater has a great and easy user interface and it is very flexible in executing your required task. You can be done with rewriting your URLs with a couple of minutes.

About URL Rewriter

There could be many reasons why you must use a URL rewriter but one they are for search engine optimization. Search engines easily access the websites that do not have unnecessarily long URLs. You can see that when you search something on google and the highest ranked websites have the shortest URLs. This helps your website gain top rankings among the search engines.

URL rewriter is used to converting dynamic URLs into search engine friendly ones. These little links gradually attract more traffic because of their short forms and easily understandable nature by the end users.

If your website has a URL like this one, https://www.example.com/cgi-bin/gen.php?id=1453 HYPERLINK "https://www.example.com/cgi-bin/gen.php?id=1453&view=basic"& HYPERLINK "https://www.example.com/cgi-bin/gen.php?id=1453&view=basic"view=basic, then there is a possibility that its complex nature will not be understood by the search engine and it will most likely miss it, giving the website owner the disadvantage of the site not showing up on the search engine.

If you have a static URL, that is easily understood by the search engine and it will vary according to the keywords it has been searching for, resulting in your website showing up on high ranks.

How will it work?

URL rewriting tool at RankCheater is very easy to use. All you need to do is enter your URL in the text bar and press enter. Your dynamic URL will be converted into a static URL within a couple of seconds. You can use this URL to link your website to your business profiles and other pages quite easily.

If you are using our tool, let us know what do you think of it and about the improvements we must focus upon through your precious feedback.